Now we will be sprinting…

During our last meet-up and still reflecting on Stoos-Connect we discussed ways of advancing our movement through taking action, spreading the word and connecting even more people. One way of doing this, we thought, would be co-creating a little Stoos booklet, which could be presented to people who are interested in our movement.

This is how our thinking was inspired:

Newthinking (our host for previous meet-ups in Berlin) is going to be 10 years old in June this year and will collaboratively produce a coffee-table book in a 72 hour magazine sprint. Key points of this project are a professional design, high-quality journalism and distribution throughout Germany.

In early April experts, entrepreneurs and other committed people will get together to co-create around the central theme of current and controversial themes on digital culture. The magazine will be published under a creative commons license and include topics such as DIY (3D printing), Open Everything (Open Innovation, Open Data, Open Design etc.) and new business models. New topics will evolve when collaboratively working on and co-creating the magazine.

Andreas Gebhard of newthinking has invited the Stoos Network Satellite Berlin to help co-create and  join them and their community of like-minded people – people sharing values about life and work. These values and beliefs include transparency, openness, decentralized structures, collaborative processes, fair monetization and engaging in interesting projects.

We, the Stoos Satellite Berlin, decided to take part in this venture, to contribute an article for newthinking’s magazine (in German), to inspire and get inspired during the magazine sprint as well as kicking off our own co-creation – a Stoos booklet (in English). We’ve also collected a first set of themes (still to be extended or modified as needed), which might be interesting to write an article about or to read about in blogs and / or a Stoos booklet:


So we will be sprinting…

Start:   Thursday, April 4th at 10:00
Finish:   Saturday, April 6th at 18:00
Where:   Supermarkt Berlin, Brunnenstr. 64, 13355 Berlin

Newthinking starts with a discussion of themes/formats which is then followed by production. All is done in an agile manner (including iterating and possibly test-printing there and then) and finishes with determining the composition. The finished magazine will be printed on April 22nd.

Some of us will be present right at the beginning of the event. Please join newthinking and us in Berlin (for some of the time, right at the beginning or any time later) to actively contribute or to be a bumblebee or a butterfly in open space terms. Sponsors for the event are also welcome.

To get in contact or find out about when and where to meet email or use twitter with the hashtag #StoosSprint. To add themes to our list or contribute in any other way leave a comment. To register directly with newthinking click here.

Let’s jointly create something that matters!

Our next #Stoos Meetup in Berlin – Getting ready to jam!

This is the 8th meetup of Berliner Stoosians. In a mini open space format we will discuss further a Magazine Jamming Session (this idea arose during our last meetup in February) and of course, we will talk about your issues and/or ideas – so be prepared for another interesting, fun and energetic evening.

Andreas Gebhard of newthinking communications GmbH has again generously offered to host this event.

When:       Tuesday, March 19th from 19:00 to 22:00.
What:        RE:LEAD #Stoos Meetup – a mini open space.
Where:      newthinking communications GmbH (Schönhauser Allee 6/7, 10119 Berlin)

We are looking forward to seeing you.

To register and for more information click here.